Homes vary regarding whether they are available for sale or just for lease as shown on the listing. If you decide to purchase the home, your monthly fees will be the site fee listed and water. Financing is provided by 21st Century Mortgage Corporation.

To finance, you must lease the home first. This will obligate you to lease the home for a full year. At any time during the lease, you may purchase the home for the sale amount. Your security deposit will be applied to your down payment.

You may apply for financing at the same time you lease the home, and you may be able to purchase the home shortly after you move in.

In order to apply, you will need the following information:

1.  The purchase price of the home.

2.  The ID number shown on the home listing, or use the following:

3111.701 AAA Mobile Home Park

3111.702 American Mobile Home Park

3111.703 Smith Mobile Home Park

3111.704 Sycamore Mobile Home Park

3.  The site rent listed on the home information sheet.

If you have specific questions, refer to their website 21st Century Mortgage Corporation, or call them at 800-955-0021.


To apply now, visit the application at https://apply.21stmortgage.com/