How can I qualify?
There are several ways to qualify for residency. See what works best for you.


– Income of around $20,000 per year for one applicant, and $30,000 for two.  (Varies for different priced homes)

– No bankruptcy in the past two years

– No collections or judgments from previous landlords

– No excessive collection accounts
(We do not count medical or parking tickets)

– W2 from last year and 2 recent pay stubs showing the minimum income required
– OR 12 month history from previous landlord showing on time payments for a similar amount to what you are renting. This can be canceled checks from your bank account or a statement from your landlord

If you come close to qualifying, we can look at a strong cosigner. However, a cosigner will not work if you don’t come very close to the basic qualifications.


Interested in leasing a home? Demand is high, and they move fast. Here is our procedure.

  1. The leasing procedure is all online, and viewing of homes is done with no contact.

  2. If there are homes available, they will be shown at

  3. To view a home, fill out the online application from the link on our web site. We will review your application and will not run your credit until we verify that the home you want is available and your initial application is within our acceptance standards.

  4. Once your application is accepted we will make an appointment to view the home. Our representative will accompany you to the home, and allow you in to view.

  5. If you decide you want the home, we will send you leasing documents with docusign, and online secure platform for signing legal documents.

  6. Your deposit may be paid by check, Zelle, credit card, or money order. We do not accept cash.

  7. Once your deposit is paid and lease documents signed, you will put the utilities in your name following our clear instructions.

  8. When the utilities are turned on, move in and enjoy your home!


Le interesa alquilar una casa? Tenemos alta demanda y poca disponibilidad. Este es nuestro procedimiento .

  1. Todo el procedimiento es en linea, y la visualizacion de la casa se realizara sin contacto.

  2. Si contamos con casas disponibles estas se mostraran en nuestra pagina de internet

  3. Para ver una casa debera completarse la aplicacion en linea en la pagina ya antes mencionada. Revisaremos la aplicacion y no se realizara ningun chequeo de credito hasta que verifiquemos que la casa que desea este disponible y que la aplicacion inicial este dentro de nuestros estandares de aceptacion.

  4. Una vez que su aplicacion sea aceptada haremos una cita para ver la casa. Nuestro representante le acompañara a la casa y le permitira verla.

  5. Si decide quedarse con la casa, le enviaremos los documentos que necesitan ser firmados atraves de una plataforma segura en linea de firma electronica para documentos legales.

  6. Su deposito puede pagarse con cheque, zelle, tarjeta de credito/debito, o money order. No aceptamos dinero en efectivo.

  7. Una vez que su deposito se haya realizado y se hayan firmado los documentos requeridos, activara los servicios (Electricidad y Gas ) a su nombre siguiendo nuestras instrucciones.

  8. Cuando estos servicios esten funcionando usted podra mudarse y disfrutar de su nuevo hogar!