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1. Rent

bgRent is due on the 1st of the month. A late charge of $25 will be due after the 5th, and an additional late fee of $25 will be due after the 15th.

There is a discount off your lot rent for maintaining your home to park standards. Your home and lot must conform with all of the rules and guidelines to qualify.

Resident agrees to pay the lease rate on the first of each month in advance thereafter during the remainder of the term of this lease promptly and without demand.

Resident shall be responsible for all gas, heat, light, power, telephone, cable TV, and other services aside from those herein excepted.

All payments made to the park office will be applied in the following order: Late Fees, Water Charges, Loan Payments, Lot Rent, Mobile Home Lease Payments.

Lessee shall pay Lessor or Lessor’s agent as rent for the site the rate outlined on the enclosed schedule, monthly in advance until termination of this lease, at lessor’s designated office as set forth above.

2. Occupancy

There is a limit of 2 people per bedroom of each home (HUD guidelines). Names of all residents are required to be filed with the community office. This includes babies and children.

No homes are allowed to be rented, sublet, or otherwise occupied except by the registered owner.

Resident will not use the premises for any use except as specified.

No home shall be used as a dwelling purpose for more than one family unit, and the owner hereby agrees to obtain permission from the management if any such mobile home is to be used for the purpose of housing guests longer than five days.

3. Your Home



P8190035Wires, such as TV antenna wires, must be secured to the mast and enter the home or skirting in as short a run as possible. All wires must be concealed and shall not be permitted to run outside of the skirting.

Skirting must not have cracks or holes. The enclosure must be creature-proof, particularly so rodents and cats cannot get underneath the home. The skirt must be secure and plumb (straight up and down).

On rare occassions, it may be necessary to move homes from one site to another in the community due to extensive repairs on park property or other management decisions. Management reserves the right to move homes from one site to another should this be deemed necessary.

Many homes have a rear door which opens into your neighbors yard on the opposite side of your front door. Steps at these doors are highly discouraged since they intrude on your neighbor’s yard space. However, if you feel it is necessary for safety considerations, steps may be constructed with prior park approval which are no more than 2 feet wide and face the rear of the home

Utility supply line maintenance (natural gas, phone, electric, sewer, water, cable TV) is the responsibility of the homeowner.

Windows and doors shall not be covered with cardboard, plastic, or any other material on the exterior. In the event of damage, windows or doors shall be repaired or replaced as originally existing.

All awnings, carports, screened in porches, patio enclosures, and all items that affect the exterior appearance of the home must be prefabricated in design, contain no wood components, and be approved by the office prior to installation. Exceptions to wood construction may be made for steps and sheds with prior written approval by the office.

No “For SALE” signs are allowed on homes or cars while they are in the park.

Additions to homes are not allowed.

Sheds are limited to 80 square feet. That is an 8’x 10′ shed. The location of the shed must be approved by park management prior to installation.

Sheds must be painted to match the home or with a plan approved in writing by the park office.

Any doors must fit snugly and have all parts intact.

All doors designed to have a screen door must have one in place with all parts in working order and intact as originally designed.

Window air conditioners are discouraged. Any installation of a window air conditioner must be installed with a written plan on file and approved by park management. Window A/C units must be removed each year by October 15th with the window restored to its original condition.

Homes must be kept painted and washed as necessary.

Homes will display a lot number easily visible from the street, especially so police and fire departments can see them.

Water meters may be installed in the future and if so, the homeowner grants permission to the park or its subcontractor to install same, provided however, that heat tape and insulation are properly replaced. It shall then become the responsibility of the homeowner to assure said meter does not freeze and break.

4. Your Yard



123Any changes or alterations that affect the appearance of the home or yard (with the exception of planting flowers and other minor landscaping improvements) must be approved in writing my park management prior to commencing work. This includes but is not limited to the building of sheds, fences, awnings, and decks or the planting or removal of trees and shrubs

No outside storage is allowed other than a grill and lawn furniture which is reasonable for the number of people in your home.

Tenant will keep the mobile home unit, or the exterior premises, in a clean and sanitary condition, free of garbage or rubbish.

All yard areas are the responsibility of the respective homeowner, including a 2′ area on the off-door side of the home. You are responsible for trimming this area so weeds do not grow along the skirting, or around gas or electric meters.

Fences installed on your lot must be no more than 24″ high, plumb and level, and maintained regularly. No rust or peeling paint is allowed. Fences must be decorative only, and not used for containing pets or children. No metal fences are allowed.

Sidewalks must be free of weeds and debris. It is your responsibility to keep the sidewalk in front your lot free of snow or overhanging bushes.

Rubbish shall be stored in containers not exceeding 30 gallons and be in the street on pickup days only. All containers must be creature-proof with tight lids.

Wading pools are allowed; however, they must be no deeper than 8″ and not be allowed to become stagnant or allow the grass beneath to be damaged.

Umbrella type clothes lines are the only type that shall be permitted.

Resident agrees to maintain premises, and all parts thereof, in good condition and repair. Trees may be planted only with prior written consent of management. Resident agrees to properly cultivate and care for the lawn, shrubbery, trees and grounds. It is also the homeowner’s responsibility to keep bushes trimmed and out of the way of public areas. Prior to any digging, especially for trees, consult with management for location of underground wires and utilities.

Grass must be cut and weeded as necessary. Bushes must be kept neatly trimmed.

Lawns must be not be overrun with weeds. Use weed-n-feed available at any hardware store to keep this under control.

Your parking area must be swept clean. Gravel parking areas must be kept weed free and raked.

Yards must be landscaped or grass throughout.

All mowing, yard maintenance, and maintenance of the surrounding area will be the renter’s responsibility.

5. Pets

Pets up to one small dog (25lbs full grown) and two cats are allowed in this community. Two dogs are allowed if their combined weight is under 25lbs. There is a charge for dogs over 25lbs. Under no circumstances are more than two dogs allowed.

At all times while a dog or cat is out of doors he must be on a leash hand-held by its owner (tie-out exception follows). You must also carry a “Pooper Scooper” and use it when appropriate.

Dogs may be tied out under the following circumstances: 15 minute limit; Leash must not reach the sidewalk or allow your dog to become close enough to sidewalks to alarm passers by; yards must be cleaned up daily; no permanent leashes or dog runs; leash must be put away (or put under porch) after use; the dog must not bark or disturb neighbors in any way; If your dog digs, or causes any damage to the yard (including causing brown spots in the grass), you may not tie him outside. This means that most larger dogs will not be allowed to be tied up.

You may not feed your pet outside. This attracts strays and other unwanted pests.

Do not walk your dog or cat where it will affect your neighbor’s yard.

No feeding of stray animals is allowed.

Waste must be cleaned up per occurrence and must never be left in the yard.

6. Behavior

Noise levels must not cause a disturbance to your neighbors at any time. If your TV, stereo, automobile radio, or any activities in your yard or home may be heard in the adjacent home with the windows closed, it is too loud.

Each resident is asked to fully cooperate with the established rules. Those people and/or their guests violating these rules may be reminded of their infractions as part of our service, but repeated infractions will result in termination of tenancy. State law, as well as federal law regarding mail delivery, requires all persons residing in any mobile home park to be registered in the office. Guests staying in excess of five days are required to register.

Quiet hours are from 10pm until 8am. No activity in your home or associated with your site shall cause a disturbance to your neighbors. Radios, TV’s, and any other activities shall not be loud enough to be heard in a neighbor’s home.

It is your responsibility that your guests cooperate and follow the rules.

A security fence is installed around the perimeter of the community in some areas. No climbing is allowed on or over any fence. Parents are responsible to see that their children comply.

Tenant will not deliberately or negligently destroy, deface, damage, impair, or remove any part of the premises or knowingly permit any person to do so.

7. Vehicles



w300b01You have reserved spots for your vehicles. You or your guests must park in either those spots, or designated guest parking areas. There is no parking in other tenant’s reserved spots.

There is a maximum of two cars allowed per site with your standard lease rate. Additional cars will have a monthly charge as outlined in the lease rate form.

The speed limit is 10 mph on all streets. Speeding and/or reckless driving will result in immediate legal action and forfeiture of your right to use a vehicle within park property.

All vehicles must be kept in operating condition with current plates and stickers.

No fluids will leak from your vehicle. This causes damage to our pavement as is strictly enforced.

No repairs that take longer than a few hours are allowed.

No overnight repairs are allowed.

Automobiles must never be left on jacks.

Mufflers must be standard and in operating condition at all times.

No FOR SALE signs are allowed on homes or cars in the park.

It is the responsibility of each homeowner to see that his guests comply with the posted 10 MPH speed limit and park their cars in front of your home or in a visitor’s parking area.

Trucks over 3/4 ton, boats, and RV’s will be allowed in front of your home for loading and unloading; only occasional overnight parking will be permitted with prior notification and approval by the office, such as the night before leaving on vacation.

There is no extended parking for RV’s or boats.

Tenant will refrain from washing vehicles in a manner that causes puddles or running of water into the street. You may wash up to one vehicle per week.

8. Park Responsibilities

Lessor agrees to maintain all electrical, plumbing, gas, water, and sewage or other utilities provided by him in good working condition with the exception of emergencies after which repairs must be completed within a reasonable period of time.

9. Legal

These guidelines govern the terms of your lease of occupancy arrangement with this mobile home park. The law requires all of these rules and regulations to be fair and reasonable, and if not, such rules and regulations cannot be enforced against you. You may continue to reside in the park as long as you pay your rent and abide by the rules and regulations of the park. You may only be evicted for nonpayment of rent, violation of laws, or for violation of the rules and regulations of the park and the terms of the lease. You may not be evicted for reporting any violations of law or health and building codes to boards of health, building commissioners, the department of Attorney General or any other appropriate government agency.”

This Mobile Home Park shall not be liable for any damage occasioned by failure to keep said premises in repair, nor any damage done, or occasioned by utilities not under our direct control. Liability shall be limited to the repair of the damaged area of the mobile home.

The resident agrees to obey and comply with all orders from any governmental body, including orders from any office, agency, or department of any municipality having jurisdiction over the premises, or any county officer, department or agency of the State of Illinois having jurisdiction over the use and occupancy or operation of mobile home parks. Violations of laws including possession or sale of illegal substances will be grounds for eviction.

This agreement is made upon the express conditions that the Park owner shall be free from all liabilities and claims for damages and/or suits for, or by reason of, any injury(s), to any person(s), or property of any kind whatsoever, whether the person or property is of the resident, its agents, or a third person, from any cause or causes whatsoever while in, or on said premises, or any part thereof, during the term of this agreement, or occasioned by any occupancy or use of said premises, or any activities carried on by the resident in connection therewith, and the resident hereby covenants and agrees to indemnify and save harmless the Park owner from all liabilities, charges and expenses including attorney’s fees and costs, on account of, or by reason of any such injuries, liabilities, claims, suits, or losses, however occurring, or damages growing out of the same.

The resident hereby agrees to be responsible for, and indemnify the owner for any and all damage, and costs to the premises, or any adjoining premises owned, or under control of the owner, which damage is caused by the resident, members of his family, or his guests.

If any clause, phrase, provision or portion of these rules or application thereof to any person shall be invalid or unenforceable the remainder of these rules will remain enforceable and valid.

Bailee agrees to return the property on or before the lease end date in as good condition as when received, excepting ordinary wear and tear, it being specifically agreed that bailee shall be responsible for any damage to the property during the term and while in his possession.

This mobile home shall remain personal property.

All rights of bailor hereunder may be assigned, pledged, mortgaged, transferred or otherwise disposed of, with or without notice of the bailee, but subject to the bailees rights under this lease.

Service of all notices under this agreement shall be sufficient if given personally, or mailed to the party involved at this address and shall be effective when deposited in the United States mails, duly addressed and postage paid.

A cash bond deposit may be required, and shall be retained by lessor, in whole or in part, as compensation for failing to leave the premises on departure in as good condition as originally found, and for reimbursement or articles damaged, broken, or missing.

Lessor hereby grants Lessee an option to automatically renew this lease; unless: (a) Lessee shall notify the Lessor 30 days prior to the expiration of the lease that he does not intend to renew the lease; or (b) the Lessor shall notify the Lessee 30 days prior to the expiration of the lease that the lease will not be renewed and specify in writing the reasons for not renewing the lease. Any notice provided for in this section shall, if given by the Lessor, be mailed to the Lessee at the address of the Lessee as set forth above in this Lease. Any notice provided for in this section will, if given by the Lessee, shall be mailed to the Lessor at the address of the designated office of Lessor as set forth above in this Lease. All such notices shall be sent by certified mail, return receipt, and shall be considered served even if said notice is returned refused, not claimed or for other reason. In the event no notice is given as set forth above the lease will be considered renewed for a one year period.

Lessee’s covenant to pay rent is and shall be independent of each and every other covenant of this lease. Lessee agrees that any claim by Lessee against Lessor shall not be deducted from rent nor set off against any claim for rent in any action. It is further agreed between the parties that the Lessor’s right to receive and collect his rent will survive and be independent of any service of any and all notice to terminate the Lease and/or any and all Forcible Entry and Detainer actions.

Lessee shall pay and discharge any and all costs, expenses and/or attorney fees that shall be made and/or incurred by lessor in enforcing the covenants and agreements of this lease and/or the rules as provided for herein.

It is further agreed, by the parties hereto, that after the service of notice or the commencement of a suit or after final judgment for possession of the premises, lessor may receive and collect any rent due, and the payment of said rent shall not waive or affect said notice, said suit, or said judgment.

This instrument constitutes the entire understanding of the parties thereto and shall not be altered or amended except by a supplementary agreement in writing and signed by both parties. The failure of the bailors to exercise the rights granted hereunder shall not constitute a waiver of the same either at the time or upon a later recurrence.